Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Being the Change in the World

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt

It has been an interesting couple of days for me. I have only found out how the words you write can spread like wild fire. After years and years and years of posting in my blog, do I realise its impact. My experience with blogging has been vast. I remember starting in 2004 when blogging was such a strange word to everyone else. Thank you to my sister Aliya for introducing it to me. This post is written caused by the overwhelming response Ive been getting for the past week.

Although whilst starting in 2004, there wasn't much to write about. And because of the increase of visitors to this humble blog of mine, Ive been going thru my posts from previous years. There were times where I find myself surprised with what Ive been writing about. During this self-reflection, I see how Ive grown thru my writing. There used to be lots of emotion in my posts. Now.. its implied. Haha (hopefully).

Anyhow, looking at the statistics in blogger, my hypothesis (the one about how people just LOVE controversial posts) is a definite true. Proven! Haha.

I now have readers from the middle east (Jordan, Egypt, etc) and the United States, and France and.. Hahhaha I think you get my drift. I wonder who they are. Hopefully just my juniours from school. Hehhe.

But dont feel threatened or anything with me mentioning it here. All of you are most welcome. You can stay and read as long and as many times you want :P And I promise I wont do any mumbo jumbo hacking to find out who you guys are. Unless you gimme trouble (haha.. now I sound like a mafia).

But I mean it when I say ahlan ahlan. What I meant at the beginning of the post was that I have NEVER, in my 8 years of blogging (although I wasn't active every single year) have I had this many visitors! Ha ha. I'd like to think that you guys read what I have to say because it makes sense. And because you can learn something from it. Hopefully good things.

It would really suck to realise that you only come here to find out what's been going on with my life, just to gossip and stuff.

But again, thank you. You guys have made my week all mellow and peaceful. I find myself eager to do some writing. You have given me a new sense of being, a splash of motivation to keep going and to keep writing. As a way (even though a small and tiny way) of bringing change to the world.

Next time, please drop a few comments my way. So that I know what you guys think. If you agree or disagree. I wouldnt want to be labelled "syok sendiri" any time soon.

This posts proves how something small can be so big to someone. You never realise how such a small gesture can influence someones day.

Thank you again.

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