Thursday, January 12, 2012

Realising the Truth

Assalamualaikum WRT WBT

Heya everyone, brothers, sisters. I pray everyone is in the best of health. Ive been cracking my head thinking about what topic to write today. Although (again), I have tons of things to settle, I'm taking this time to sit down, rethink my life and write about it so that anyone, anywhere in the world, who comes to read my blog can learn something. May all of us be blessed by Allah SWT's love and guidance.

Having given the responsibility to handle programmes for teenages, we always need to read to find points on what to share with these young people. Im not saying that I'm OLD or anything (:P). Hehe. Im just saying that, its this time in my life where the learning process must be parallel to the sharing and teaching process. Although we MUST have the effort to increase our own knowledge, our own Iman, we must not forget the other responsibility to share and talk about Islam to others.

When we look at the world as a whole, we notice how things spread thru campaigns. Products become famous because of the hype people create along with strong advertising strategies. These companies play with our wants and play with our minds. They convince us that we not only want that product, but it has become a necessity for us to have it. So in the end, we end up paying for things we dont really really need.

Ive been learning about innovation strategy and trends of markets as part of my PhD research. It is plain fact that ppl need innovation to simply get more money. So trends of how a certain product evolves depends on how the market (i.e people) view it, their perception and their understanding. When people are convinced, they talk to others, and in the end make a very big deal out of it, thus explain how hypes happen. Ok, before I start going into sentences with tons of jargon in them, I'll get back to the point Im trying to make. Hehe.

So again, people accept a product as something necessary because of the constant campaigning and advertising a certain company makes. And disappointingly, sometimes those adverts aren't really conveying the true situation. Sometimes its just bull to make you buy it. But no matter the bull they give you, sometimes you find urself convinced. And the end goal of the company is achieved.

Let us look at health campaigns. How would you convince the public to be aware of their health if no campaigns are done. How are people supposed to know if we dont tell them. Do you see what kind of strategy should be done to make the public aware of the existence of the campaign itself? Posters, talks, programmes. Do you see the effort needed for it to be successful?

I have been fortunate in being apart of the Anda Bijak Jauhi Zina Campaign. In Johor, we call it Jom Jadi Bijak. And I have had first hand experience handling everything - from posters, to campaigns in FB, to handling programmes, etc. And people should know that without committed people doing these simple yet very important tasks, the campaign itself will die as the people in charge stop campaigning.

From that fact, we should relate it back to Islam and Dakwah. Islam NEEDS campaigning a.k.a Dakwah. Islam NEEDS people to talk about Islam, to practice and show to the world what Islam really stands for, its beliefs and practices. Islam needs people who are committed in spreading Islam throughout the whole world. Without constant enthusiasm and effort, as history has proven (as well as research has proven), any type of belief or ideology will die along with its people.

So who are these committed people? Wake up everyone, go look in the mirror, because that someone is YOU. We are ALL responsible in talking about Islam, spreading the right practices of Islam, be a role model to others as an example to what Islam teaches. It is US who have this burden on our shoulders to keep Islam alive. If you haven't realised it before today, I sure hope and pray you realise it now.

And to become a person that is worthy to talk about Islam, you have to LEARN about it. You need the knowledge. You need to really practice the RIGHT Islam. Bukan celop sana sini.

Allah said:

Say, "This is my way; I invite to Allah with insight, I and those who follow me. And exalted is Allah ; and I am not of those who associate others with Him." (Yusuf: 108)

If you read my post about the message by Sheikh Said Rageah, about how we do not want to be in the unfortunate situation where the people around us blame US for not practicing or embracing Islam. We do not want to be is such a situation. So lets do something about it.

Everyone should realise that, being a da'ie, missionaries of Islam, brings nothing but good to ourselves, here in this world and InsyaAllah hereafter. You should understand that Islam doesn't need us. It is us that needs Islam. Allah will always find people to fight for Islam, to defend Islam even though we do not want to be involved.

And keep note that, the 'campaigning' of Islam should be done with the same effort (or more) as we would do for any such campaign or advertising. It is NOT something easy. I involves hard hard work and lots of sacrifice. But think about it brothers and sisters, WHY should be turn our backs on something we believe is the best? WHY should we cower when we talk about our way of life. If you really really believe in Islam, then WHY shouldn't we spread it to everyone else?

Don't be selfish and keep Islam to yourself. Share. If you care about the people around you, then tell them about this Deen. You have nothing to lose. In fact, Allah will reward you with heaps of pahala for it InsyaAllah.

The sad thing about the world today is, people take Islam for granted. Not many practice the REAL Islam. WE are not living like MUSLIMS.

Let us reflect where we stand in the world today. Have you done your dakwah today?

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