Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nuclear Explosion

Assalamualaikum WRT WBT

Opening my blog and writing a post has become something regular whenever I come to the lab. Which I think is awesome because I get to start my day writing my heart out, thus letting out some steam. Which ofkos means that I'll have a much clearer head when I have to start my readings.

Oh man, you should see my reading list! Let me list out a few so that you'll be able to understand the amount of facts I have to obtain in my head.

This week alone:
1. Assessing and Tracking Students' Problem Solving Performances in Anchored Learning Environments by B. A. Bottage et. al.
2. Understanding, Measuring and Enhancing Individual Creative Problem Solving Efforts by Dennis R. Brophy
3. A Training Program to be Perceptually Sensitive and Conceptually Productive thru Meta-cognition: A Case Study by Masaki Suwa.
4. Application idea for TRIZ theory in Innovation Education by Jiang Fan
5. The Developmental Nature of Meta-cognition and the relationship between knowledge and Control over time by Meribeth Cassidy Schmitt and Shuying Sha
6. Using Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Strategies for Helping Students Acquire Self-regulated Problem Solving Skills in Mathematics by Georgia Lazakidou.

Need I say more?

So at the moment, my head is full of words and jargons and all technology and education stuff. I find words like mnemonic strategies and meta-memory and hypercognition. Oh my God. Sometimes I feel like my head is about to explode! Haha.. Its like a nuclear explosion of information.

Anyhow, writing about how stressed I am and what's going on in my life does make a difference. Although, like Ive always said, I do have other more important things to write about (i.e. Important Family Events), sometimes the mood just isnt there. So its always preferable to talk about MY feelings. Hahha..

Orite, enough writing. Back to reading. I'll be back when I feel bored and sick of reading. Wait for a while, Im sure I'll be writing again today. Hehehe :P

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