Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Happened Last Saturday?

Assalamualaikum WRT WBT

Enough crying. I feel pathetic crying because of a perfect stranger. So enough oredi.

Last saturday was an auspicious occasion  for IKRAM Johor. Alhamdulillah a huge event was organised in-conjunction with the officiation of the IKRAM Johor Office Complex.

IKRAM is a non-government organisation which is a combination of several active NGOs in Malaysia. They include Pertubuhan Jamaah Islah Malaysia (JIM), Aqsa Syarif (who helped organise the Mavi Marmara), Musleh, and a few more. So all these NGOs are now under one name: Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia (IKRAM). Which is why we now use IKRAM as our official name for any type of programmes, all around the nation.

Anyhow, alhamdulillah our office complex is completed. The officiation was done by our own President of IKRAM, Al-Fadhil Ustaz Dr. Mohd Parid Sheikh Ahmad.

Here are a few pictures of the event. (I only posted pictures which have me in them. Ha ha :P )
Oh yes, I was the one who designed the backdrop :P hehhe

Ahmad, Ayah (Yang DiPertua DPN IKRAM Nasional), Mak (Im not sure what Mak's official post in IKRAM is, but she handles the treasurer's office) and Me. Ahmad and I are active members in JK Pemuda Remaja Belia IKRAM JBT. Im the secretary, Ahmad is the JK Media. We are an active IKRAM family alhamdulillah. :)

Kak Anie, Syaima, Me and CT Anie (Among my good friends in IKRAM)

Discussing with Makcik Khairul Suzana (JK Khidmat Masyarat Negeri Johor) about what my role was during the ceremony. Behind us (the ones wearing "flowers" are the JK Negeri Johor. This was all of us waiting for Mr President to arrive)

Us at the back of the tent. There weren't enough chairs so we were ready to give ours up for other guests. Hehhe

What wasnt in the pictures I posted was a 6-tent cover for the people who came, and the picture of the office complex. You can go to Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia Facebook for other pictures of the event.

Later in the day, Makcik Zairus invited me to her house for a get together with her student usrah group. Apparently I was invited bcoz she said I was outgoing and would fit in with her students (international students especially). Haha. Oh ok.

But it was fun. I got to meet 2 girls from Turkey and 2 girls from China. The rest were Malaysians ofkos. Hehe. Here is a picture of the get together.

When you look at the picture, the question going thru ur mind WILL be "Which are the girls from CHINA?" Hahhahahaha..

Well, I was surprised too when I found out. The girls from China were Baha (the one not wearing hijab) and the one wearing the polka dot scarf. They dont look Chinese at all right?! So after asking, they are from a northern part of China. More specifically a place called Uyghur.

Its surprising how the situation in Uyghur is. First of all, Ive never heard of Uyghur. But like the majority part of the world, Muslims are being discriminated just for the sake of religion. This time by the Chinese government. Killings, discrimination by religion, the taking by force, the elimination of culture; all the actions taken for ethnic clensing. Maybe we should look into this situation -- which I know we are totally oblivious about.

Anyhow, it was a fun treat -- getting to know new friends, laughing and sharing stories. I dont have many foreigner friends. The ones who are in my department are urghh... annoying and loud. They dont respect other ppl's privacy, they speak too loud, they are a little selfish and they get on ALL of our nerves. We can't stand them. So getting to know these kind girls was a breath of fresh air.


  1. akak! sorry deh x dapat join g rumah makcik zairus. actually i overslept until after 5 the time when i text u. :P

  2. hahahha.. no worries Iman. I nearly missed out too. Fell asleep after the ceremony and woke up at 4.30. Hehhehe


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