Thursday, April 14, 2011

My 'Naughty' Students

Assalamualaikum WRT WBT

Ive been putting this off for a while. There's much to write about, but these past two weeks have been a little hectic. With my out burst last week, and Aimi going off to Japan (that's going to be in another post), and being unwell for a couple of days, not forgetting business issues, Im like a walking zombie.

These past weeks have been painted with so many colours, that Im getting a headache looking at all the different hue and saturation. He he. Im talking about emotion ofkos.

*ignore the use of weird phrases. Im just practicing.

I just posted an album of my students. The Tuesday class and the Thursday class. The plan was to have all 3 classes, but somehow or rather I forgot (bcos one of them asked me a difficult question about his assignment. I was so engrossed that I forgot the group picture) Oh well.. *sigh*

Anyway, Ive been getting phone calls and smses all week long. My students are all trying to find me. "Nak mintak tolong akak tengokkan assignment kitorg, boleh tak". Hehehhehe.. Aduhai, kesian anak2 murid aku.

Some I was able to layan, some I couldn't because I was too high on cough medicine -- Ok, I better rephrase that. Hehe.. I wasn't feeling very well to go to UTM just to go meet up with them.

But today was so rewarding. Im still smiling bcos of it. One of my students sms'd me to meet up. It was a good thing I was feeling better (although still coughing horribly), I set off to the postgrad room to wait. I tot it was only going to be 1-2 people. Rupanya, datang 5-6 ppl. hehhehehehe.. Meriah bilik tu.

We all stayed there from 2.30pm, right till kakak technician tu 'halau' kitorg at around 5.30pm. hehehhe. And alhamdulillah, I was able to solve 2 of their assignments. Tu la die, when program code tu pegi copy paste without understanding what it is for, this is what you get -- a whole bunch of errors with no solutions, but to redo them from scratch. Hehhe.

They stayed up all night trying to solve it by themselves, but to no avail. Alhamdulillah I was able to understand the process under all the headache-looking coding. haha. To tell you the truth, I was kinda worried. Ye la, malu je kalau cikgu tak tahu mcmane nak buat. But alhamdulillah :) Thank you Allah.

I must mention the satisfying feeling of accomplishment. Dont get me wrong. What I mean is that, the coding was TOUGH. And to find out the solution and see the RIGHT output on the screen! Oh my, it was great! I havent felt like that in years. (I know programmers understand what I mean hehe). I wasn't the one jumping with joy. They were. Literally! hahaha.

Just would like to wish the best of luck to my students. Dengar cerita, exam susah. So make sure you study and do exercises. Good Luck kids :)

Below, a few pictures from last week. Im sure you can differentiate which one is SPS (Sukan) and SPI (Pendidikan Islam) hehhe..

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  1. kegumbiraan yang tidak terkata bila dapat solve coding..hua hua...

    tak mo dah buat...nak buat database design, part system programming, sile jumpa orang lain ye..dah lama sangat tinggall.......


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