Sunday, March 06, 2011

Barakallahu Fikum

Assalamualaikum WRT WBT

Before I go to bed tonite, I'd like to update everyone about the events of today. I was supposed to go to KL today for my 10 year reunion. :( But as Allah destined it to be, I was ill and wasn't capable of going. It was kind of sad considering the fact that I was among the organisers.

Thanks Uswah and Anis for taking over what responsibilities I wasn't able to complete. I owe you guys lots! Pictures please! :D hehhe.

With the Bride :)
Since I've been 'quarantined' in JB, I was also able to attend a good friend's wedding. So not everything was lost.

Congratulations Puan Aizat Atikah! Barakallahu fikum. Semoga mahligai impian yang dibina berkekalan hingga ke Syurga Allah Taala.

Its custom for us not to kacau her with programmes for at least 2 months. Hehehe.. Its a good thing they're not going to move anywhere far. It not, we'll be losing a dedicated activist.

But after getting married, I sure hope we gain a new member in our team. Kan Aizat? :D hehe.. InsyaAllah. Baru mantap!

Ok, so just a quicky. I have tons to write, but I need the right setting to open up. So its gonna take some time. We'll see how I do tomorrow.

Over and out! *wink*

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