Sunday, March 20, 2011

Going Thru Life

Assalamualaikum WRT WBT

I watched a story the other day and stumbled upon one song which made me realise a few things. Since then, Ive been feeling a little weird.

Going thru life, we face all sorts of things. Challenges, happy occasions, fear, disappointments. Everything. Although we always complain about what we go thru, yet its these hardships that make us grow. I am thankful for that.

What I always dread going thru are the things other people say, other ppl's judgmental comments, their spite and bad intentions.

We live in a very judgmental world. Its as if everything has to have their own standard, its own unofficial set of rules. And if one doesn't follow them, they will be judged harshly.

Although I am lucky in life, I have wonderful parents, an awesome family, a bunch of supporting friends. Career wise, Im getting there.. BUT somehow ppl still see the bits and pieces that so-called "don't go with these set of standards".

Life becomes judgmental when we have immature ppl living in it, consisting of toxic people who's only intent is to see you go down. Ive been there and I know how terrible it makes you feel.

It has affected me in numerous ways. But one of the things that has stayed with me till today is my low self esteem. Although there is a saying "No one will be able to hurt you unless you let them", sometimes even a strong will won't be able to help you. Sometimes you just break down and give up.

I admit, I have certain issues I havent been able to overcome just yet. Maybe there are certain things in life I havent done just yet. But don't go and judge me because of them. Everyone has their own journey they have to go thru that Allah has planned for them. My journey might be a different one. Its in Allah's hands, so why must people question it and judge me for what hasn't happened.

Please ignore my ramblings. Like I said, Ive been feeling a little weird lately. Anyhow, here's the song. I dedicate this to a certain someone. Enjoy :)


  1. uswah1:40 pm

    oh is cruel.. asek kene keep up dengan expectation orang lain.. huhu.. sebab tu kot makin lama kite makin suka menyembunyikan diri

  2. Aliya6:00 pm

    live by your own expectations. the only one situation you should be disappointed in is whether your ibadah is really adequate enough.
    cruelty/insults/judgmental are around us, it will never go away. the only way to deal with it is to change how we react to it.

  3. thanks for the comments. sometimes, people just need some reminding.


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