Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Tales of Teaching

Assalamualaikum WRT WBT

I notice that I always find myself writing when everyone is asleep, while its quiet and I can hear myself think. With no hassles or datelines or phones ringing here and there. Fiuh. Hectic.

Its no wonder that qiam is done during the wee hours of the night. Its the perfect time to find peace and can think about nothing but yourself.

I'm kind of angry at my students today.

Oh before that, for those who don't know, I am a teaching assistant at my faculty. Currently, I am teaching JavaScript to 3rd year students. I have three classes each week. I teach on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Anyway, I will not mention which class.. but I am very disappointed with one of my classes. I gave them 1 week notice about the Lab Quiz I was going to do, and what do I find?

Tons and tons of excuses on why they can't answer the questions.

It was as if I didnt teach anything. AND they had the nerve to question WHY they needed to learn this subject, and WHY I had to put them thru this tough quiz. Ya Allah, sabar je la.

Sometimes, patience really pays off. And from the whole bunch in a class, its great to have at least one or two students who actually WANT to learn, who pay attention and ask when they do not understand. Its these students who motivate me to come to class every week.

It is also VERY sad seeing all these other students who think they can get away with anything. Sometimes I feel like saying "suka hati korang la!" sbb geram. But no, I keep it inside. Nak mengajar kene sabar.

Its so disappointing to watch my own race being so self centered and rude and acting like a know it all when it fact they dont know anything.

There's this one boy in my class, all he does is try to get my attention, talk LOUDLY all the time, and yet when he doesn't get it, he'll humiliate the friend next to him as if it was his/her fault. TODAY, during class, he came in, I gave the sheet of questions and he asked me "Akak, ni masuk dalam markah ke?"

Nak aje aku tanye, "Apesal, kalau tak, taknak buat ke?". But I didnt say that. I just smiled and said YES. But do you know what he did? He went to the back of the class and SLEPT! Yes people, he slept! Sikit lagi nak cakap "Kalau taknak buat, sila keluar". But again, I kept my patience.

However, I have my patience level. If he does this again, he'll get a very special present from me.

No one ever said that teaching would be easy. But in the short time I've been teaching, although there are tough times, I find that I enjoy it.

One of the most honorable professions is being a teacher or an educator. And I am proud to be in a family of educators -- right from my grandparents (both sides), to my great grand aunties & uncles, to my parents, etc2. So it would be such an honor to be among these wonderful individuals. I am proud to be associated with them, and I hope I will become someone worthy of joining the group.

Teaching. What a great way to contribute in life.


  1. uswah9:17 am

    haihh,,kite pun mule2 geram ngan sakit hati je ngan budak2 malas belajar ni.. tapi tepakse sabar n buat donno je.. memang rase sangat kecewa sebab bangsa sendiri yang malas n suke buat hal.. tapi ade certain group yang memang rajin n nak belajar.. tu yang naikkan semangat kite.. hehe

  2. hmm tu la kan. nak buat camne, diorg mmg takde rasa hormat langsung kat ilmu yang ada. Suka hati diorg je nak perlekehkan. Sedih pun ade.

    Swah, awk still ngajar ke skrg?

  3. uswah1:39 pm

    kite tak mengajar skrg.. sbb dah pindah fakulti baru yang akan start kelas this september.. sekarang banyak buat keje admin. hahah


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