Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuxedo Man


Here's Ayah in his Tuxedo! Hahhaha..

Hensem kan. I LOVE guys who wear suits and tuxedos. They look so smart and hip.

Ayah's tux is custom made and VERY expensive. Hahaha.. But since UTM practically requested (thats the polite term for ordered) the VIPs to tonight's dinner to wear a tux, he had to do it. But no biggie, UTM paid for it. Haha.

Anyway, a tux with a bow tie always reminds me of Bond, James Bond. Hahhahah.. So Ayah can be "Im Ayah, Ayah Bond" hahahhaha..

Opps, forgot to mention what dinner it is. Its a dinner sempena Majlis Pentauliahan Diraja untuk palapes seluruh Malaysia -- Where UTM is the host. So Ayah gets to have dinner with all the admirals, captains and what not.

Mak was also invited, but she didnt want to go. "Mak takde baju la.." Hehhehe..

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  1. first time tgk org melayu pakai bow tie. kat sini the older surgeons LOVE to wear bow times. the bigger the better. hee hee!

    'takde baju' is always the female excuse hehehe


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