Friday, June 26, 2009

The Death of MJ

Im not sure why Im writing a post about this. It would have been in a better light if I mentioned the passing of one of our famous Ulama' a few weeks back, Fathi Yakan.

But Im writing about it anyway. I dont think I was in the best of mental state when Fathi Yakan passed away, so I didnt have the chance to write about it. But he did, so Innalillahi wa Innailaihi Rajiuun. Let us continue his quest in spreading the beauty and thruth of Islam around the globe. Ameen.

So today, as I was making some donuts at home, mak came in the kitchen saying that Micheal Jackson just died. Oh okey. I was slightly shocked. Im not really a huge fan of MJ, but since he converted into Islam, I see him in a different light despite all his previous scandels before.

Innalillahi Wa Innailaihi Rajiuun. If he has indeed converted into Islam (which I hope is true), then May Allah bless him. And May Allah give the people around him the strength to bury him the Islamic way.

Watching the news, CNN, BBC, whatever news channel, even E! -you'll see the fans gathering everywhere in tribute to him. But I havent yet seen anyone cry their hearts out. They are all smiling and singing his songs. When reporters ask them why they are doing this, they say that they are gathering together as a simbol of love and that MJ brought them all together as one no matter race and skin colour. Secretly Im hoping someone would mention religion.

Let us pray that MJ will be burried as a Muslim, and that would really bring all his fans together to understand how beautiful and peaceful Islam really is. Ameen.


  1. you haven't seen anyone cry their hearts out?? i read the news online and bertimbun gambar fans nangis cam devastated. a bit over.. typical americans. huu.

    i find this event quite enlightening at how the western world views death.

  2. oh ye ke? maybe online la kot, coz in the news mcm takde lagi. siap berjoget2 and menari in tribute to MJ. Maybe when its time to bury him baru diorg will burst out into tears kot.

    yeah. a bit.. what do u call it.. emm.. weird i guess. I mean what they think about what will happen after death.


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