Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Puan Aisyah

Yeah, you guys guessed right. Another one of my friends got married. I told you this year is batch 3 (SMIH) balas dendam year.

People (as in parents) keep asking us (as in batch3 of Sek Men Islam Hidayah) when we're getting married. This might be caused by the increasingly rapid quantity of juniors marrying before us. So amik kau. Sekali gus semua.

Now those awkward questions are directed to those who havent yet tied the knot. Which of course includes yours truely.

Anyways, here are the pictures for Aisyah's wedding with Imran. I helped her decorate her room, teamed up with Abidah.

Abidah and I also helped her get ready since she didnt want a mak andam. Hope she looked ok, coz we arent experienced "makeup" artists. I dont wear makeup myself, so how the heck do I know how to make others up. Haha. Enjoy the pictures!

Congratulations to Aisyah & Imran. I had a fever time nih, so I hope tak jangkit kat sape2. May your marriage be filled with all the happiness you deserve. Ameen..


  1. haha...

    can't be there, still on the way back to JB...after a year didn't balik terengganu..balas dendam seminggu terus...

    and quite kecewa sebab tak dapat ambil gambar pengantin, sebab pakcik minta tolong...if i know you were there, bagi je..haha...

    anyway, congratz to peng"kantin" baru (ni ejaan budak kecik tak reti eja)

  2. ohh takpe, Pakcik mintak tolong Asim. Ala lagipun kalau bagi camera, mostlikely tak sempat nak amik gambar sbb bz teman peng'kantn'. hahaha

  3. akhirnya...gambar yg ana tunggu2..

    Alhamdulillah, mabruk Imran & Aisyah! Nama dah la sama, tarikh lahir & tarikh nikah pon dekat2. boleh la sambut anniversary sama2 :D

    cantik! pandailah anti make up.

  4. banyak jasa anti tolong siapkan kawan2 kahwin. when your turn comes, insyaAllah ramai yg akan datang tolong anti pula :)

  5. Hehe tu la Aishah. Korang nih memang. Semua nak sama. hehehhe.. nnt tengok2 anak2 pun semua tahun sama :P Hehe..

    cantik? ye ke? hehhe.. tak tahu la Aishah, ana buat sekadar yang mampu. Tak reti pun. Duk bedak2 sama cam ana bedak muka sendiri. hehehe.. alhamdulillah.

    Ala, Aisyah tu cantik sbb seri pengantin, bukan sebab ana la. hahah..

    InsyaAllah Aishah. Ameen Ameen ya Rabbal Alameen. Harap2 dlm masa terdekat.. hehe

  6. heheheh..cantik2!!! dan hensem!! hahahah macam yg awak cakap la.. hahahah

  7. tulah..da cop nak berbesan dgn Aisyah ;)

  8. apakah itu pengkantin? hahaha


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