Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Its Pathetic

This is so pathetic.

I cry when I find myself alone. Yet Im not in the mood to socialise.

I have tons of work to do. Yet I cant find the mood or the enthusiasm to even start any of them.

I listen to very sad music. Yet I find myself angry that I cry every single time.

I hate crying myself to sleep. But crying is so exhausting.

I just want to be alone. Yet being alone is so depressing.

I dont feel like being cheerful. Yet Im tired of feeling down all the time.

I want to talk to someone. But all the people I want to talk to are so far away.

Each day goes by so fast and I find myself doing absolutely nothing. Its so pathetic.

I need to get out of this depressing feeling. I need to move to a different emotion.

My head hurts all the time now. I cant think. I dont know what to do.

Help me please. I cant stop crying.


  1. teringat masa Bella kene tinggal dengan Edward dalam hutan..

    hidup macam zombie...



    "ingatlah ALLAH, sesungguhnya dengan mengingati ALLAH, hati akan menjadi tenang..."


    nak lagu climb...boleh email? hehe :p

  2. 2 weeks of this and you can be diagnosed with clinical depression


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