Monday, June 22, 2009

7th Heaven

This is my ultimate favorite TV series ever! It was a fell in love-at-first-watch kind of thing and Ive never stopped loving it, even after it stopped being aired on TV. I remember this TV series being a huge part of my childhood (in Malaysia ofkos), and waking up real early on Sunday just so I didnt miss it.

I still love it now. If only I can find the whole 11 years of God knows how many seasons of 7th Heaven there is. Id gladly watch them over and over and over again. I dont remember which season I stopped watching coz the TV companies didnt wanna air them anymore. I kinda caught up with it watching online, but one can only sit in front of the computer for so long! If someone buys this series for me, Id be so in LOVE with them! Haha.

This craze for 7th Heaven restarted when I found out that StarWorld is showing it again on weekdays at 3pm. Ill be ready right there in front of the telly at 3pm sharp. You can count on it.

Here's a recap of the opening credits for this series. I love the song and Im totally gonna make it my ringtone from now on! Haha. Enjoy!!


  1. its the climb....

    its true...

    rejection and another, and another rejection, thats make us strong...and be a better person..


    lambat sikit, hehe..last two week been buzy..terengganu, kedah, penang...hahaha...

    tired, but still bersemangat!!!

  2. hehehe i watched the final episode already.

  3. mak aih...dah besar seh adik pompuan dia tu...apa nama dia? lupa lak..huhu...

    lagu dia mmg best...feeling!

  4. ruthie!

    and lucy jadi reverend.. kelakar

  5. I love simon the most. He is SO adorable time kecik2.


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