Friday, June 19, 2009

Small but Huge!

These couple of days has been very.. whats the word to use.. emm weird yet strangely self-fulfilling in a way. Eh wait, thats not the right term to be used.. emm.. ok, Ill label it later.

1. The last few days have been very busy in a way. Luckily I didnt have time to sit in my room, alone, feeling terrible about myself. Which is good. Like I said, distractions are a MUST. So Distraction Part 2 (continued from the previous post) -- I was invited to join a small picnic with the gals at Hutan Bandar Mutiara Rini. It was awesome! Haha.

The Hutan Bandar is fairly new, and they have small houses representing each daerah in Johor (eg. Yong Peng, Batu Pahat, Kluang, etc2) These houses pulak are very cool places to hang out. The views are great and its very cool in these small huts.

After eating "brunch", we went along the park to take pictures! Haha.. what else? :P So here are a few pics. Enjoy!

2. I went to LU this week after missing out for about 3 weeks (due to our Naqibah yang tak free and school holidays), and we had a new addition to the group of oredi loud and cheerful bunch of girls. So now in our Usrah, we have 3 Atiqahs. One is Atiqah, Two Dr. Atiqah and Three Atiqah Junior. Hahhaha. So bile panggil Atiqah, all 3 pairs of eyes are gonna be looking at you. Very intimidating you know. hahha..

Anyways, as we were doing our taaruf, I was the last person to introduce myself. As I was being all gedik, suddenly Makcik sampuk and said "Makcik Kiah geram la tengok pipi Amirah". I was like "haa?!" and everyone laughed out loud! Hahahhahahaha.. Ya Allah, malunye bile org ckp mcm tu. Seram pun ade jugak. Nasib baik makcik yang ckp mcm tu and not those from the opposite gender. Dush dush, malu giler la.

Although it did put a smile on my face, I see it from 2 points of view -- One, wau thank you for the compliment. Two, daymn i need to diet. Hahhahha. But it made my day *wink*

3. I went to Jusco for lunch today, with Wani and Abidah. As we were waiting for Wani to arrive, I bumped into one of the Kakak from UTM. I seriously dont remember her name. Haha terukkan. But since I did my practical at UTM, specifically at HEK (Hal Ehwal Korprate), a.k.a Ayah's office -- I know most of the kakak2 there and they know me too. Being the always too perky youngest girl at the office AND also anak bos, it isnt surprising. Although I like to think that they are rapat with me bcoz of me not bcoz they feel the need to (coz anak bos la kan). Haha.

Anyways, kakak ni baru bersalin. The last time I visited my former office, she was on maternity leave. So when we bumped into each other today, rasa mcm seronok sgt. I was just about to ask her about her baby when she said -- "Mira, akak namakan anak akak Amirah tau". I was like.. "Whaat?! Serious ke akak?" Mesti la terkejut kan. Then she said that she named her daughter Amirah coz of me. "Akak namakan Amirah sbb teringat kan awak, Mira kan pandai, baik, akak nak anak akak jadi mcm awk".

Ya Allaahh.. terharunyaaaaa.. I was so HONOURED by this. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah. Baiknye kakak ni. I was speachless! I didnt know how to respond to that. What do you say to something like that? Nothing comes to mind. Nak ckp thank you mcm kelakar la pulak.

But again, it made me smile and feel really good inside. Allah works in wonders. How He makes our day and give our confidence back is so miraculus. Even something so small can make your day worthwhile. Thank You Allah for these small miracles in life.

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  1. alhamdulillah org padang kita baik sampaikan nama anak pun dibubuh sama... terharunyer....


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