Thursday, June 29, 2006

Public Transports

Dear Blog
Haha.. Feels like the old days when I was enthusiasticly writing in my dairy. Haha.. not anymore. I used to love writing all sorts of things. But I learnt my lesson well. Don't write things you know you dont want people to read. They'll eventually find out and you'll be in a whole lot of trouble =) Hehe.. I certainly had my share of trouble. But that's another story..

Blog, I had a meeting in KL the other day. And guess what? I took a double decker express! Hehe.. It was SO COOL. I know, this wouldnt be my first time riding one. I used to ride double deckers in England. Even the ones with no roof. Hehe.. But it was still real fun!

But here I am again, taking a double decker express. The ride was ok, the fare was ok too. But the only thing that slacked was the roof. I took a seat on the top deck and well.. Being a rather tall person, I'd say that the roof was too low. For my standard anyway. I practically had to tilt my head down a little to walk my way down to my seat. Hehhehe.. If I couldnt stand up properly, imagine Ahmad! Hahahhaha.. It would be a funny sight, wouldnt it? =)

So ok, that's one public transport. The other one I want to write about is the LRT. PUTRA LRT to be exact. Oh mann.. I havent been on the LRT for some while now. Since I have the car, taking the LRT doesnt seem so convinient as it used to be. However, since parking at the new building will be kind hard, I thought that maybe I could switch back taking the LRT again.

So there I was. I came to KL with the bus, the car was in JB, so like it or not, I still had to take the LRT. My meeting was at 9.00 a.m. I stepped out of the house at 8.15 a.m. which is already late if I'd want to take the LRT. It take approximately 45mins to arrive there. Not including the time I have to walk from the station to the buliding itself. I was indeed late.

I had to wait for 3 LRT's to pass by until I got to ride one. I couldnt believe how crowded it has become. Oh God, my butt was practically in another person's arm. Man, it was bad. How the heck am I to survive doing the every single day??

That was on the way TO the meeting. Let me tell you about my way BACK. It was raining cats and dogs. I was already late going back bcoz the rain was so heavy, I couldnt get out of the building. So, as I was lining up to get into the Monorail (which is nearer to the new building) the door opened. I was second in line mind you. Then suddenly, this rude egoistical chinese man came barging in, shoulders and all, cutting the line, pushing everyone aside! How rude! He knocked me down for that matter. If I didnt reach out to hold the door, I would have fallen. Embarresingly if I might add. Oh God, that man was awful. When he got his area where he was comfortable, he just stood there in other people's way. Never thinking of other people's inconvenience when they had to squeeze between him and other people. Padahal kan, all he had to do was move further in. But NOO, that jerk of a man felt that it was too arduous for him to pick up his heavy butt.

People in KL are too stuck up with themselves, being more individualistic by the day. It hard to even see courtesy nowdays. Teruk btul la. What happened to sopan santun??

I'm having second thoughts about taking the LRT to class. It won't only be more tiring bcoz you'd have to squeeze your way thru, but I think it would also bring effect to my mental well-being. I think if I take the LRT, I'd become someone who will have more mood swings and bad days, just because of the people around me.

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