Friday, June 30, 2006

Dreading my results!

Results are out!

The same sentence everyone keeps asking me..
"Camne results? Ni mesti gempak ni"

Hmm.. I wish.

I wish it were "gempak" as everyone keeps saying. Oh, how I wish it.

But well, I expected it anyway. Like I said, I've been making stupid sacrifices last semester which are now like spit to me right now. I'm certainly paying for it now.

My gpa jatuh. A lot. From 4.00 to 3.87. A big difference in my book. Its a good thing my cgpa is okey. Since I got 4.0 last semester, my cgpa is now 3.93. Which is okey I guess.

Hmm.. Last semester was a waste. I skipped lots of classes, and I barely studied for the exams. But here's the bright side, if this results are due bcoz I didnt study, just imagine the results I'll be getting if I actually did study! Hehhe..

I've been too busy to put 100% in my studies. Now, since due to my promise to myself, I'll be putting more than 100%. Just wait and see! =)

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