Thursday, October 06, 2005

As time goes by..

When was the last time I wrote in this blog of mine? Seems like I keep beginning the posts in with such sentences. Hmm.. ntah, mcm dah takde feel nak tulis. Dahlah busy, nak bukak email pun tak sempat. Ape lagi nak tulis kat dalam blog ni.

Today is the second day of Ramadhan, but it doesn’t feel like Ramadhan. Why don’t I feel the biah of Ramadhan? Ape jadi ek? Dulu waktu hari first, semua seronok, boleh rasa nak masuk Ramadhan. Kali ni punye..? Hish, sedih btul lah.

A lot of things have been happening…

Sports Carnival

Let’s start with that. If only you could see my reaction to the word “Sports Carnival”. I don’t like this word at the moment, because this word and the things associated to it is the main reason for my depression week. (I’ll talk about that later)

This time punye sports was the first time we divided all the courses in IIM into contingents. So we had to fight among teams. Same as the concept waktu sukan kat sekolah dulu. Since there are a lot of courses in IIM, there were teams that were combined, and divided. So in the end, there were 7 contingents altogether.

The sports yang dipertandingkan were tennis, football, netball, volleyball, badminton, sepak takraw, ping pong, and indoor games such as carom, dart and chess.

It was grand of course, because before this, the sports day would only consist of netball, football and sukaneka.

Being so, I would say that the committee wasn’t really organized. I’m sorry to say that our Project Manager was hopeless. So sorry, but that is the truth. Sometimes the truth does hurt, but we have to face it.

Just imagine, one week before the actual event the proposal pun tak submit lagi. AND he did the proposal all by himself, without ever discussing it with anyone. When kene tegur by Ms Put, all he could say was “Nak letak jawatan lah macam ni” YaAllah, sbr je lah. Tak buat pape lagi dah ckp mcm tu. Tu baru kene tegur, belum kene marah lagi.

I finally gave up on him when he didn’t attend the last preparation meeting. My God, PROJECT MANAGER ok. Mane boleh project manager tak dtg meeting. Semua bengang. When I asked him the next day why he didn’t come to the meeting, he could ask me back “Ade meeting ke kak?” YaAllah! Aku lempang jugak budak ni, biar die sedar sikit.

Then he asked me, “Akak, persediaan untuk indoor games hari ni dah siap?”. Ewah.. sedapnye mulut die tanye. Waktu tu dah tengah panas.. I asked him back “Itu sbnrnye keje akak ke keje awak?” Guess what he answered, “Keje akak la” Huh?? Excuse me?? Keje saye? When we finished that discussion, he went out of the room banging the door. Fed up btul perangan budak2 mcm ni. Skrg ni panggil budak je la, sbb perangai btul2 mcm budak.

The two days of sports was really tiring. Both days I arrived home late and exhausted. Malas nak cite ape jadi, sbb banyak sgt benda yang jadi. Yang best, yang tak best. All I can say is that I was ended up doing this useless project manager’s work. During these two days, the only thing he did was sit and watch. The committee members terkejar sane sini, die boleh duduk dalam dewan badminton mengorat. Get the picture?

During the closing and prize giving ceremony, this project manager gave a speech. He said thank you to all the committee members, siap sebut nama sorang2.. EXCEPT me who was sitting right beside him. YaAllah.. Only God knows how down and how unappreciated I felt.

Anyhow, I’m just glad its over. I just wanna say thank you to all the people who HELPED in organizing this huge event. Alhamdulillah. Special thanks to Shah who had to face all the pressure that arose. He is such a patient person. Congratulations =)

Also to Faizura and the others. Thanks a bunch for making my task easier. Forgive me for all the mistakes and weaknesses from my part. I hope we all can improve ourselves in the future.

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