Monday, March 21, 2005

Biro TataNegara

Fuh, its been a while for me sitting in front of this computer and surfing the net. Life has been hectic lately. For two weeks, my life has been a blur with everything around me passing by as fast as the race cars on the F1 circuit. Two weeks back, I was busy with the INATEX Exhibition, for one week, i didnt even get the chance to sit in front of the computer for pleasure. No emails were written, no chatting around with my friends, no updating my blog. INATEX finished on saturday. The day after that, I had to rush off to KL bcoz on monday I had to attend a BTN course. Fuh, what a life.

I'm not gonna talk about the INATEX Exhibition, it'll just give me a headache. So I'll tell you all about the BTN course that I attended. This course is for all the JPP (JawatanKuasa Perwakilan Pelajar) of UNIKL, meaning that all the JPP members from each branch campuses were gathered under one roof. Other than getting sores all over my body, (hey, even walking hurt.. we were all walking like robots..) the experience was totally exciting.

I was lucky to be in a group of wonderful individuals.. Here's a picture of my group. From the left, top Nabil from MIMET, Roy from MIMET, Nizam from MFI, Apek from MFI (Tok Penghulu Kem). The one in the yellow shirt is Raja Kamarulzaman, orang kuat Kg Permatang Pasir, Jugra. Beside him is Anas from MICET, then Helmi from MSI (Pen. Penghulu Kem) and Iwan from IIM. The girls are Beba from MICET, Kak Nazilah from MIMET, me (of course =P), Kak Ila from IIM and Tasha from BMI. The one who isnt in the picture is Faisal from MSI. This is one of the best groups I've ever been in. Mantap. We even got the award for "Kumpulan paling berdisiplin"! hahaha.. what a laugh.

The best group I've ever been in =) Posted by Hello

It was an honour when I was elected the Penghuluwati of the camp. It gives you a good feeling inside when people put their trust in you. Wau.. to become a leader in a big camp like this.

The course became a wonderful experience due to the participants. They are the ones that made it interesting. A small task can become an exciting task when we see it in a positive way. Kalau dari awal tanak terima, sampai bile lah bende tu jadi tak seronok.

What I can conclude from this course is that this group of participants are the best. How did they put it..? Oh yeah, "To make the best, better" That's the motto of the camp.

I'll tell you more when i have the time. Seminggu takde kat office, berlambak keje. See ya later =)

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