Thursday, March 24, 2005

Liars and Hypocrites

Let’s talk about liars and hypocrites today. Personally, I hate these types of people. They are just a nuisance to the world. They are the ones who bring trouble and disorder.

Hypocrites are people who are not really themselves. Truthfully, hypocrites ARE liars, and liars ARE hypocrites. These two words cannot be separated.

Ever known someone you think you knew but in the end you found out, the person we claim to know isn’t really that person? Ever had a person lie right in front of your nose with no feeling of guilt or regret? Ever see someone you claim to know as a total stranger to you? How would you feel when you found out that every single word that came out of someone were all lies right from the start?

These types of questions arise due to the existence of hypocrites and liars. Some people pretend they are someone, when they’re not. They wear masks to hide their true self.

Never believe someone who answers “on the way” when you ask where they are. That person is normally late and trying to cover up their tardiness.

Sometimes, you cannot see the real person in someone even after knowing them for more than a year. You’ll get a glimpse of the real person only after the water balloon bursts and water flows all over the place. Then and only then will you see how such a performer they really are. These people should be awarded the best actor/actress in the academy awards. Seriously, they fooled everyone.

I pray that such people will learn their lesson one day. Let them learn the hard way. They deserve every single hurtful, wounding and cruel mishap that happens to them. I pray that whatever cruel and hurtful things they do to others will backfire.

No one is perfect. So someone who pretends they are perfect is the biggest liar of all. An angel by heart? Huh, bite me. Liars like these don’t deserve to have friends. They should be destined to live alone.

Never believe a mirage; never believe in hallucinations because that’s what hypocrites and liars really are; just an illusion of the eye or more specifically; an illusion of free will..

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