Monday, March 21, 2005

The Quest

During this BTN, we had an assignment which is to go out of the camp and blend into the village. Tugasan kitorg; 1) Cari sejarah kampung, 2) Cari org tertua di kampung tu dan biodatanye, 3) Cari sumber pendapatan, 4) Cari sosiobudaya diorg

It was a fun experience I tell you. The picture below is me with two of my group mates. Tasha and Iwan. Anas was taking the photo. The four of us were assigned to find and interview the oldest person in the village. Penat berjalan.. yaAllah.. dengan panasnye.. But it was all worthwhile. =)

We got the chance to meet Pak Mat, aged 76. A man with a wonderful personality. He was so kind. The most interesting part of the interview was when he told us his experience during the invation of the Japanese.

Walking in the hot sun Posted by Hello

These old folks are the ones who experienced the horror of war. They are the ones who truely feel the meaning of independence. I saw pakmat's eyes water when he told us his story. If he were my grandfather, I'd just hug him all I want.

The quest taught me a lot, about appreciating others. I also saw the true meaning of team work from my group members.

We won the quest. Our group arrived back at the camp an hour before anyone else. It was a pleasure seeing the faces of the facilitators. Tercengang diorg. Hahhaha.. Our group held on to strategy. That's the main key, planning ahead and strategy =)

Our group didnt have to walk to far bcoz kitorg tumpang an army truck sampai ke pekan. Then we headed off to the farthest village coz all the other villages were taken by other teams. It was certainly our day that day coz all the people we asked were whom we wanted to meet. First, we asked a lady riding a bicycle, rupanye die ni lah anak pada org tertua kat kg tuh. Our luck indeed. =)

As we headed to the farthest village, we stopped at a pondok polis. There and then he helped us locate the "org kuat" kg tu. Meaning the real person whom we should be looking for. Dengan baik hatinya, anak Raja Kassim ni datang ambil a few members of our group from the pondok polis to his house. After interviewing PakMat, me and the other three headed back to camp on foot. We were required to be in camp before 1 p.m.

On our way back, we all bumped into our other members riding an unser belonging to anak Raja Kassim nih. Last2, everyone jumped into the van and he sent us back. That's the reason why we arrived an hour before all the others.. hehe.. naughty2.. =)

Like I said earlier, strategy ;) *wink

The other groups semua angin je.. of course la.. we were the last group to leave the camp, but we went to the farthest village, BUT we were the first to arrive back.. hahahhaa..

It was a great experience =). One I will never forget..

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