Saturday, December 25, 2004

Sister sister

I have been blessed with having a sister, who is also my best friend. With just 1 year and 10 months separating us, she has been spared the obligation of calling me 'kaklong' or kakak =p So, she calls me 'Aliya' just like my friends would.

We fought a lot when we were kids... (yup, the traditional hair-pulling, face-scratching cat fights) and we got into a lot of trouble. While she was a timid and obedient kid, I was boisterous and rebellious. It was mostly my fault that we got in trouble, really. (Remember how mad Mak was coz we threw raisins into the toilet? And how we played Houdini and I couldn't get out of the box?)

Despite our fights, we knew each other so well that there was no need to apologize to each other. We've never said sorry to each other all our short life. There was no need. :-)

I guess she waited until her teens to show her streak of rebellion. And I waited 'til my teens to show an ounce of obedience. Looks like we changed personalities!

Amirah & Aliya on Bukit Cerapan, UTM

She looks like Mak and I look like Ayah... she's 4cm taller than me... but people still insist on thinking that we're twins!

Luv ya heaps, sis.

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