Thursday, December 30, 2004

My results are out!

This is the time of the semester I hate the most. Results time. Actually, I sort of hate the dreadful anticipation of it all. It would be fun if you're confident with your results, but like many of us, we aren't 100% sure of things. My results used to be taken by mak. She's the one that would take the first look and give the first reaction (either joy or dissapointment). Which includes my PMR and SPM results of course. Oh yeah, since she used to be a teacher at my school, all the results for every subject there is.. hahaha..

So since I was 'left' on my own in KL, I had to do everything on my own.. namely taking my results by myself. hahaha.. I know it sounds funny, but its a whole new experience for me. Dont you just hate that dissapointing feeling of not reaching up to your standards?

What I love about my parents is the fact that they don't mind us not being the best in everything. They don't expect us to be. We are all unique and different, even among our siblings and they love us with every single uniqueness there is. They don't want us to be the same. Being excel in our academic is something they push for, but if we don't live up to their expectations, its okey as long as we've already put in our best effort. That is what's important. Effort.

Ok, I know what you're all thinking.. "stop blabbering already, what about your results?!" hahahha.. okey2, I'll cut through the case. According to a "reliable" source, =) I got the highest CGPA! Yay!!! Alhamdulillah. Its the most wonderful news I've heard all week. Ya Allah, you don't know how grateful I am. Syukur IlaRabbul Izzati. I got the highest, Eila second and Ikha third (the three 'otai's of our batch). Great competition you guys!

Rumor also has it that for this semesters GPA, a BOY got the highest mark. Wau, if that's true then I salute you brother. Being the first ever boy to beat us three. Hehehe.. wau, CONGRATULATIONS dude. This semester was the toughest, I can assure you. I bet you dont believe it yourself do you? =) Better believe it coz I'm gonna to take it back from you if I see you again in the future. Be prepared dude! Whuahahahah (*laughing an evil laugh) ;)

Like I meantioned earlier, this has been a tough semester. One of the toughest. Imagine having tons of assignments to be done in such a short time. Having nearly 4 datelines in a week. Hahahah.. I can't believe I survived that. But I did thanks to You Allah. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am so excited, I can't contain myself to just sit in front of the computer and type. I need to DO something. Since the senat meeting just finished yesterday, the oficial results may come out early next month. Fuh, the agony of waiting. So I'll inform you with the updated facts later alrite?

Over and out (with a smile of course)..

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