Wednesday, December 29, 2004

An inspirational and stimulating Speech

Yesterday I saw a very motivating person give one of the most beautiful speeches ever. I was stunned by the way he spoke beautiful words making the audience gape with awe. Well, most probably it was because of his handsome looks that made people stare.. haha..

He is soOooOooOo HANDSOME isn't he? =) Posted by Hello

Anyhow, let me paste you his speech, then you be the judge.

Today marks a profound mile of bitter sweet memories for us all
As we bear witness to both an ending and a beginning
And while we must continue on
We must also be grateful to have been blessed
With someone who has guided us to where we are today.
When there has been so much love and happiness for someone
It is natural to be reluctant to close such a wonderful chapter in our life.
For moving forward is rarely accomplished without considerable grief and sadness.
And while our sorrow may be profound
The clouds will clear and the sun will shine on us
And in that warm bright light, we will find ourselves a glorious future.
A future of exciting challenges and infinite possibility
In which the horizon will stretch out before us in the heavenly glow
Of the sunrise of our tomorrow

Prince Edvard the 3rd
The Crown Prince of Denmark

So, what do u think? =) Beautiful isn't it?

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