Tuesday, June 10, 2014

From Retainers to a Book!

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Assalamualaikum WRT WBT

This all started about two days ago. I was brushing my teeth, looking at myself in the mirror and noticed a slight gap in my upper teeth. I found myself thinking, "Oh no, please dont tell me my painful years wearing braces are going to waste just because I havent been wearing my retainers."

Yup, I stopped wearing my retainers a while ago. And now I can practically SEE the outcome of it. Against the instructions of my dentist, I arrogantly stopped wearing them each night when I "saw" that my teeth were looking awesome -- Only those who have worn braces would understand because they know how it felt to have awful teeth before. And seeing them look great is just *sigh* wonderful.

And it hurts to wear them. I was supposed to wear them before going to bed. And each morning, my teeth would be so painful, that it makes we wonder what happens to my mouth during sleep. So I stopped wearing them.

After seeing the consequences of my stubbornness, I went around my room looking for my misplaced retainers -- looked in every zipped bag I used as either toiletry bags or medicine bags when I go travelling. Looked in every handbag that was still in my possession (coz most of them I've thrown away due to the straps being torn, or being well used, or those that are no longer fit to be used). As this was happening, like any other female (this is totally assumption by the way), you would go thru everything. Every note, every piece of paper, every book, every pockets, every card in the bags. For me, it would be the time to throw unused items and rubbish that has been in your bag for ages. Another thing I like to do it read EVERYTHING. Hahaha.

Can you see how unrelated the earlier story to how this all ended up? Hahha yup, how beautiful Allah works. From something really vain to something totally different!

I would call myself a sentimental person. I like to keep stuff that reminds me of something in particular. An event, a memory, a feeling. So there I was looking in bags, taking out note books, paper and reading them, flipping thru them. And I stumbled on a few old note books. They were my Usrah/Daurah/Katibah/Research/Class notebooks. Yup, all combined into one. Hahha.

Then -- it came to me. I should sort these all out! What a waste!

So Im doing a project. I took all the notebooks I have and Im doing to read thru them and rewrite them back in specific books. I found a lot of tazkirah notes from Usrah and Katibah. And ilmu notes from Daurah. But they are all mixed up. Rimas tengok.

I also had notes from a lot of leadership training which I think would be really useful when trying to come up with new modules. Oh wau, I found a treasure chest! Alhamdulillah.

Therefore, I would like everyone to help me with this project. I will be compiling these writings into books, therefore I would also like to make you a part of this special project. If you have this one special tazkirah or reminders that you found really touched your heart, that you really want to share because it brought a huge impact on your life, please come and share it with me so that I can put it into this book.

I plan to share this book to those who would like it -- It can be used for usrah, or just daily reminders.

We as Muslims are all encouraged to share our ilmu and keep reminding others and also ourselves.

So I would like to start this new project with everyone. Please share. It can just be a story or an experience you faced that make you reflect on your life. The sharing of ilmu is one of the things that will continue on so as long as someone is gaining manfaat from that particular ilmu. Just imagine the mountains of pahala you will be receiving just with this simple act of sharing knowledge.

However, please make sure if you use any hadith you check it's sources first. I will be doing some form of editorial work and facts checking. Even so, please be careful with what you share. We wouldnt want to share the wrong information now would we :)

By the way, I did finally find my retainers. Hehe.

Happy gaining pahala everyone!


  1. Mira,
    Glad to see you are interested in writing. Which publisher do you want to send the manuscripts? Or is this consider as a self published project?

  2. Haha Welma, I havent thought sampai ke situ yet. Do you have any suggestions?

    Yesterday during usrah, I got another idea to help my sister produce her Islamic children's books :D

  3. Ya, why not, just give a try. Publishing your own book, i think it is a bit risky. I dont have any idea if you want to invest in non fiction, but perhaps you can try go for writing class first and build your own connection there. I have read from my fb news feed regarding some of the friends are working out for the children's book, but this is for malay book industry. Oh yeah, would you consider e book ? This one more cheaper i think. And if you want to write a fiction book, you can try your luck at Jemari seni.


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