Sunday, March 21, 2010

Recent Events!

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim.

Assalamualaikum WRT WBT..

Hahahahha.. Needed to get that out first before I continue to write. Sorry again folks. If you look at the shoutbox at the side, you'll notice my sister urging me to update my blog. Ok la ok la.. Ill update :P

So whats been going on with my life? :P

First of all, I have to mention the fact that there have and will be lots and lots of kenduri this year. Friends getting engaged, getting married, so on and so forth. Looks like I'll me going to and fro from JB to KL a bunch of times this year. Hehe.

Let me mention the majlis yang dah lepas.. lets see..
1. Lilly & Ameer tunang (both are close friends)
2. Khalid & Wani kawen (both are friends)
3. Kak Ira & Syawal tunang (both close friends)
4. Sue & Eddie kawen (Sue close friend)

Fiuh. Alhamdulillah I was able to attend two of these events. I really apologise to Khalid and Sue sbb tak dpt attend you guys punye ceremony. Especially Sue :( Im so sorry babe. InsyaAllah I'll come to Eddie's side ok.

Ok, picture time :D

1st, Ameer and Lilly! hehhe..

It was kinda a majlis tunang com small reunion! Hehe.. it was great. Lama betul tak jumpa my friends. Had a blast. Well worth the long journey.

Next, KakIra & Syawal. This was last weekend. hehe.

Ok, please forgive the excessive picture taking. Hahhahaha. You know us girls. Takleh tengok camera. Kitorg mmg mcm ni, especially when all of us are photographers (not professionals, but have the knowledge :P) and always want to try new poses. Hahaha.

Well, these are my uni friends.

In between these events, lots have been happening at home.

One: Aimi and I are now wearing braces! Aghhhhhhh! hehehhehe.. Its a combination of two totally different emotions. For me la. 1st suka, 2nd agony. Hahhaha.

Who ever said wearing braces is nothing mmg nak kene sepak ngan aku. Im sure those who've experienced it can vouch for me when I say it HURTS.

Alhamdulillah mine takde la sakit like Aimi's. The dentist said that my teeth only need rearranging. Tak jonggang (kasar ek perkataan jonggang tu). Aimi kept saying that it really really hurts, but this isnt the case for me.

Although I have to admit that it hurts to eat, and it hurts when you wake up in the morning, etc, but I havent had the need to eat any pain killers just yet. Alhamdulillah.

I have two theories for this. (cewah, ade theory lagi tu! hahaha.. ntah betul ntah tidak). Anyway, my first theory is that since I already used to have terrible headaches (which I found out was partially caused by my whole upper jaw being shifted to the right), my pain threshold is very high. Which might mean that compared to the pain I used to have, this kind of pain is very very mild. Again, just a theory :P

Second theory: since my teeth only need to be realigned, compared to Aliya (dulu2 la) and Aimi, and Raihana (jiran belakang rumah who I interviewed the other day) which were slightly misplaced and slightly in a forward position (Im trying to find the translation of jonggang -- which I find slightly offensive), my teeth dont need to be pushed in. Again a theory.

But I do have difficulty eating -- a GOOD thing, since it will prevent me from eating hard snacks. Haha..

And a huge thanks Aliya :D You know why. Thanks a bunch sis!

So now, bukan aje me and Aimi a very simillar height, we also have the same teeth!! hahahahha. Aida la paling untung, gigi die lawa! Untunglaaaaaaaaaa :P hehe.

Banyak lagi nak cite ni. But I think I have to stop for now. Nak gi solat. Hehe..

Till next time! Over and Out.

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