Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Just Like A Bee

Hmm okey. Its Tuesday and I did promise to do a post this week to Aliya. Having been home for more than 2 weeks, I should have had things settled by now.

But guess what. I was automatically sucked into this vessel of busy-ness.

Like right now for instance, Im writing this only bcoz Im waiting for the computer to scan my hardisk for viruses. Having it been transferred from one computer to the other, one can never be too careful about viruses. And since this hardisk is huge, its gonna take a while until its finished. And I cant continue my work before its confirmed without viruses that may attack my computer. Haha.. Im starting to babble. This is what happens when I havent blogged for so long.

It been rather hectic. Lots of things to do, lots of projects to complete, programmes to organise and attend. This weekend alone, I was out of the house at dawn and came home at night. Full schedule. One thing after the other, absolutely no room for a breather. And Im exhausted.

But I have to confess that I LOVE this -- being busy and being important to someone or a group or an organisation, even a jamaah. But I do love being busy. It reminds me of my MPP days. *sigh* those days were hectic, but I was enjoying myself eventhough I always came home late and exhausted at the end of the day. It was self satisfaction knowing that I was somewhat responsible for helping people and make something right.

Anyway, this entry was mainly to explain my lack of posts these past few weeks. Ill have to take a day off just to update about EVERYTHING. But not today, maybe not even this week. Next week. Maybe. Hahha. We'll see.

Sorry to my friends who Ive been ignoring. And those whoes YM msg I didnt reply, or tak layan ke ape. Or maybe seem like I was diliberatly avoiding. Bukan taknak, just tak sempat. Ill try make it up to everyone later ok. Right now, Im swamped. Haha.


  1. salam..

    makcik, help me out with my blog's layout boleh? dunno why, at first, its ok, then, after editing the link and the side bar, jadi bengong..

    thanx in advance

  2. wslm..

    nnt ana cuba tengokkan. Lps siap keje eh :P

  3. i suggest you blog through email. senang!

    plus tak perlu rely on whether bleh access google/blogger


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