Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Before This Gets Old

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt

Id like to give a loud shout out to my loyal readers -- who no doubt have been visiting my blog for the past few weeks, only to find it being exactly the same, with no new posts to read. Sorry folks. Ive been way busy for the past couple of weeks and only now do I have the time to write.

I know its nearly a month since I came back from Australia, so I think its best that I write about it now before it all gets basi. Yeah yeah, Im back home oredi Alhamdulillah. Back in my old bed, with my old pillows and my old clothes and my precious car. I have to admit that I missed my old navy blue car. Hehhe.

The day of my flight back home was a very emotional one. I had finished packing, and was watching "p/s: I love you" just to kill the time before Id take layth for some one and one bonding before I go home. Ive watched that movie lots of times, but since it was an emotional day, I ended up crying my eyes out. If you read how my state of mind was back then, you'd understand this. Haha.

Anyway, I ended up thinking about the 2 and a half months I stayed there and what good it has done to me. Having been influenced by the movie, I wrote Aliya a heartfelt letter conveying my gratitude for helping me recover. Yeah, I cried alrite -- all thru writing it and re-reading it. I was sad to leave. I was scared as well.

After that emotional part was over, it came for me to have a one and one time with Layth, just the two of us. Which is making me cry right at this moment just thinking about it. Layth, mangah rindu kat Layth la! :(

We went to the library and Layth got himself a huge heavy book about trains and airplanes. During the whole 2 hours, I kept repeating to him that I was going back home, that I was going to take the plane home back to "datuk's" house. And that he shouldnt look for me in the morning. Sedih kan? :(

Later that evening, Aliya took me for my last meal at Nila -- an indian restaurant which has the lamb briani that is to die for! Yummy!!

I certainly think so. Kalah nasi Mandy kat Ar-Rawsha. Hahhaha. Personally I like Nila's better.

Around 930p.m. Aliya brought Layth to my room for a last cuddle. He wasnt really feeling very well, so all he did was lay on me and watch a movie right there on the bed. It was so sweet! I loved that last cuddle. Isk isk.. sedihnye bile cite balik.

Then around 11p.m we started off to the airport. Web check-ins are awesome I tell you! No need to come 3 hours before the flight. All I needed to do was check in my luggage and I was off. At the gate, I gave Aliya the letter I wrote, hugged her for the last time, cried my eyes out (malu je nangis depan Abglong. haha), kissed Layth for the last time, said thanks to Abglong and walked off to the departure gate. I kinda walked quickly coz I didnt want to break down there in front of everyone. I guess my eyes were real read, and my face was covered in tears coz the man at the gate just smiled at me. I think I returned a weak smile back. Then one last glance at Aliya, Abglong and Layth, one last wave and I stepped in the international terminal.

Inside, after the customs check, I went straight to the toilet to cry some more and repair what damage I did to my face by crying. Sedih giler. Dalam terminal pun dah start rindu kat Aliya. Isk isk.

Ok enough about that. I think you can imagine how emotional the departure was for me. When I finally went into the plane, I relaxed a bit and decided that I might as well have some fun for the next 8 hours. Unfortunately, I got a seat beside this indian guy who wouldnt stop fidgeting! Ugh!! It was TORTURE I tell you!! Mengganggu orang je.

I ended only getting ONE hour of sleep. Ugh. I was starting to get grumpy. Rasa mcm nak pusing kat mamat ni and say "Can you PLEASE stop fidgeting?!!". Nak bagi gambaran how annoying it was, mcm orang dadah tak dpt dadah. Ha, mcm tu la. Geram aku.

To compensate, I spent my time watching movies! Hahhaha. I watched Transformers 2 (for the first time! One word to describe: AWESOME!!). I watched that 2 times, and watched The Proposal. Got some yummy plane food (MAS punye food are the BEST ever). Alhamdulillah the flight was also great. Not like the last time.

I touched down around 6.a.m about an hour early. And waited for Ayah to fetch me. Hehhe.. You know how our luggage always comes out lambat, so I took my own sweet time in the international terminal before coming out.

After jumpa Ayah and Aimi (surprise!), we went to send Ayah to his meeting place, me and Aimi went to get some breakfast, and went straight to Uswah's house! Hehehhehehe. That was great!

After a few hours, I went straight to Kak Has's house where the Plusticks (this is what my geng of 11 girl friends call ourselves) were hosting their openhouse. I think I'll do another entry about the openhouse. Anyways, no one knew I was coming except Ju and Pia. So you can imagine how surprised everyone else was! hahahhahahahahha. All the details will be in another entry. Promise. Hehhe.

Until then, Im going to leave everyone with this video I did. Enjoy! :D


  1. adoi...kite baca part2 sedih pun dah berair2 mate kite! hahaha.. sweetnye gi library ngan layth je!


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