Monday, November 16, 2009

Beyond Words

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt

Pergh, rasa mcm dah lama giler tak blog. What I mean about that statement ofkos is "dah lama tak duduk depan PC just for the sake of sitting down to blog and browse in a relaxing mood". This might be caused by the fact that I had my schedule full for the past month.

Hari ni baru boleh relax sikit. No rushing2 to meet datelines, go here and there to meet up with clients who want to change this and that, no updating modules for volunteer programmes (well, sbnrnye ade, but Im taking some time off today).

I dont even want to open my laptop if it can be helped. Right now Im blogging with the family PC downstairs. I dont want to switch on mine in fear that Ill be tempted to work :P Haha.

So why did I decide to cuti today? After a month of a fast-paced schedule, yesterday was the most exhausting and I guess my body finally told me "take a rest will you!". I think what made this happen was I didnt sleep the night before and it took a toll on me. My exhaustion finally caught up with me.

Tired? Yeah. Demotivated? No way! Haha

Okla, Ill blog later. Hopefully. Hehe.

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