Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Short & Sweet

Ok, so here's a short and sweet update.

Things that have happened since last post:

1. I was busy last week producing a montage for a community program. Finished and all done.

2. We all went to Melaka and slept at WanCu's house. Singgah the night before fetching Aliya.

3. Started off to the Airport at 630a.m. the next morning to go fetch Aliya and Layth.

4. Went for lunch at KLIA sambil tunggu Aliya's FIL who was flying in for a meeting in KL.

5. Terus balik back to JB precaustions to any H1N1 -- for self quarantine ofkos.

6. Been spending time with Layth and Aliya since then.

7. Went for a TOT in preparation to our 29hour-ABJZ-package. This bunch is defenitely going to be a bigger challenge. YaAllah please help us.

8. Just finished a video clip for this weekend's ABJZ programme. Currently rendering, which explains why Im writing this. Havent been online for a while. Ntah, mcm malas. Malas nak layan org kot.

9. Im going to bed after Im satisfied with the video clip.

10. Ok, over and out! Goodnite *wink*

p/s: Ah yes, I forgot to mention that my car's window screen kene pecah a few days back. Ive experienced this 2 times before when I was in KL, so mcm tak jakon sgt la. But this time the windows this 'idiot' smashed was the FRONT and BACK. So our main conclusion is that org yang pecahkan my car screens tu didnt like a sticker I put there, found it offensive or something and decided to smash it out of anger. Coz they didnt take anything in the car pun. IF they wanted to rob me, they would have smashed the SIDE windows. AND we think that its a MALAY. Coz the only sticker that can offend anyone was the ANDA BIJAK JAUHI ZINA one, and frankly speaking, I dont think Chinese and Indians use that word in their conversations.


  1. Ya Allah!!! sabo jela!! ade gak org jahat cemtuh!! dah buat satu dosa, nak tambah dosa lain plak!!!

  2. jahat benor. try having ur own windscreen smashed, ya crazy lunatic! sheesh! i h8 it wen sumtin happens 2 my car. (who doesn't?) it'd ruin my week.

  3. Uswah: Hmmm, takleh nak kata ape. Sbb mmg takde bukti pun kan. Cuma my neighbor ckp die mmg nmpk this malay guy on a bike around 1.30 in the morning. Tanak la nuduh kan, but it strengthens our earlier conclusion.

    Ismail: It did. Ruin my week that is. But like I said, Ive been thru this 2 times oredi, so mcm takde perasaan dah.


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