Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Here's the reason why Ive been rather quiet this past week.

Been in bed. Shivering my ass off.

My head pounding, my nose blocked, my eyes are watery and feel like their about to burst, my throat felt like it was burning, my voice mcm Minah Rock mane ntah and Ive been coughing like crazy.

Like mak said, virus ape la awk kene ni.

I havent been to the clinic yet. The worst case of shiver kinda started yesterday, although I havent been feeling very well since last week after the ABJZ programme.

Ive oredi been to the clinic once, given a drowsy cough medicine and antibiotics. It wasnt that bad the first time around. But after the medicine ran out, I started feeling funny. Then last night, I practically switched off the fan in my bedroom. Itu pun I was still shivering like crazy. Kesian Aida, mesti die panas.

After staying shut in seclusion at home for about 52 hours, today was the first time I went out. Last night was bad, but I had a duty to do today. So I gobbled up 2 of Mak's fever pills and set off to Benut with KakFida. To tell u the truth, I wasnt really up to it. But InsyaAllah pengorbanan ku tu ade manfaatnya.

I arrived back home at around 1230p.m. And the medicine which kinda kept me sane for a while started to wear-off. Ugh. So the shivers started again, and I practically couldnt move from the chair I was sitting in. So I kinda dozed off. At around 2, I just couldnt stand the cold (and my head was burning!), so I gobbled up another 2 of Mak's pills. It only took affect after a couple of hours so I went upstairs to pray.

I must confess that Ive been praying whist sitting down lately. My head just wont stop spinning and pounding. After praying, I kinda fell asleep on the sejadah. I finally got the strength to get up when the medicine started working.

Right now, although Im not shivering, I have about 2 hours before the medicine wears-off. Mak and Ayah keep telling me to go to the clinic, but I dont have the strength to drive all the way to the clinic.

Ugh. I need to get well. I have to go to KL this weekend. Ada reunion. Then kene fetch Aimi, then kene drive balik JB. Then next weekend, ade programme ABJZ 29 jam, and right after the programme, Ill be flying off to Melbourne. Serious kene baik demam ni, kalau tak, mesti tak lepas kat airport.

Oh ye. A few minutes ago, my Paklong called. He said Toklong dah meninggal. Innalillahi wa innailaihi rajiun. Toklong is my grandma's oldest brother. I think he's 80++. We're going back to Melaka tmrw. Me demam2 and all.


  1. mmg panas pon . haha . sbb tu terbangun kol 4 pagi . semoga cepat sembuh ye kakak .

  2. eh..get well soon! amiin!

  3. Ya Allah!! siannye die demam! awak kene rest lama sket ni..tido banyak2 sket. huhu

  4. apapun moga cpt sembuh.... apapun sblm ikut k.aliya balik, hrp dpt la kita kuar mkn2, jln2 skali ek?...

  5. semoga cepat sembuh,amin

  6. *one thing LESS to worry about

  7. one thing to worry about, kat melbourne derang takde check2 macam kat sini. so don't worry about getting quarantined or anything like that inshaAllah.

    me rasa awak kene chest infection/pneumonia lah. baik rest betul2. not a good thing to have. but since still a young person, u will get over this inshaAllah

    Allah Ash-Shaafi


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