Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hey All.. Im not really in the mood to write a long post about my weekend. Haha. Why? Coz it was filled with so many things, which Im not sure I'm entitled to write about. Geez, that sounds mysterious kan. Hahhaha.. Oh okey, actually my weekend was filled with an AJBZ program (package 29 jam). I havent the strength to story mory all the details, so here's a short report on the ABJZ blog. Click here. (in the same time nak promote kempen ni sbrnye.. haha).

Anyways, the program was great. And like before, me and KakFida akhirnya demam abis program tu. Hehe.. penangan ABJZ lah ni. Hehe.

So, the reason for my post today is to inform everyone that I will be going to Australia next month insyaAllah. For what reason..? Ha..ha..ha.. Bak kata Paklong (KBJ).. "nnt cerita lain masa. Saje nak buat korang suspend". hehehhe..

Ok, just a short one today. Oh ye.. Harry Potter keluar hari ni! Arghhh!! Takpe2.. me and Ahmad have a date tonight *wink* reviews on the movie later =)


  1. Aussie...aussiee..pegi lagi..

    ABJZ..29 jam...auchh...

    yang 4 jam punya, this saturday pun dah pening kepala..hohoho...

    ayuh ayuh ayuh...

  2. try pegi yang 29 jam punye. tengok mane lagi pening. hehe

  3. wow!!! besnye awak nak gi oz lg!!!! hv fun there! :D


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