Thursday, September 08, 2005

Jadi orang famous jap =P

The night of my graduation day, Busu held a small party for Alisya and Aishah’s Birthday. So we all gathered at Datuk’s house, Paklong, AyahCik, Busu, and my Family. So riuh btul la. A gathering of siblings. Nasib baik 4 org je siblings mak, kalau tak.. YaAllah.. takleh bayang.

The night was filled with laughter and cheering. We took pictures and ate all that we could eat. Hehehehe.. Best giler.

Here are a few pictures. My friends tengok this pic and asked “Eh, kenape semua orang nampak mcm org Arab ni?” Hheheheheh.. kelakar kelakar.

It was a fun filled night. Around 11 something we all balik hotel (me included =P) exhausted. Tengah2 malam tu, Ahmad (who was in JB at that time) hantar sms to mak writing “Hahahahahahahahhahahaahaha..”. Ingatkan ape, rupanye he watched the news and the interview that they took earlier was aired. YaAllah! Biar btul! Heheheheh.. Sbr je la

Ahmad’s first reaction was “Kakngah kelakar sgt!” Ceh, hampeh Ahmad nih. Malunye yaAllah..

And the next day, my picture was in the paper. Metro muka 11. Not many people know coz I don’t wanna be riak and go off telling everyone. Lagipun bukannye ramai org baca Metro. Still, I bought 2 copies just for me. =) It’s not everyday your face is in the paper.

For those people who always put me down and criticize my choice of studying place, who doubted my abilities, it serves you right. Eat back your own words ok.

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