Sunday, September 04, 2005

Graduation Con't..

Wau.. its been a while hasn’t it? I haven’t been able to write in my blog for nearly two weeks. So sorry for leaving my blog unattended. Its just that I have difficulty in having the time to blog, and open the internet for that matter.

So, since my graduation, what has been happening? Lots of things I think. I don’t think I’ve even finished writing about the graduation itself. Hehe.. Oklah, where did I stop?

Ooh okey, I stopped at the time I was to receive my second award. After all was settled, after the ceremony ended, all the three award recipients were whisked away from all the others and were brought into the VVIP Room to join the VVIP’s having lunch. Each recipient was allowed to bring their family members. So Mak, Ayah, Aimi and Aida joined me as well. Masuk je bilik VVIP tu… Orang keliling tepuk tangan. Terkejut kejap.. Sbr je la. All I was able to do was smile. Oh yeah, along the way to the VVIP room, people kept stopping me and the rest to salam and say Congrats. Ntah sape2, tak kenal pun. But it was such an honor I tell you. I’ve never been treated that way. It felt so wonderful. I have no idea how to describe it.

So we sat down facing the Tengku Mahkota and ate lunch with the rest of the Dif-dif Kehormat, Menteri, Dato’, Datin, University Council members, and the Provost and Deans of the University. My God, what an experience. And rupa2 nye, ade dua org kawan ayah in the University Council. Ayah pun terkejut. Hehehe.. Famous jugak Ayah ni =). Bangga kejap. Uncle Megat was there also. Uncle Megat is Uncle Sham’s (Busu’s husband) father who is the Provost of UNIKL MIMET. It’s a small world after all..

The disadvantage of being someone receiving an award is that you’d have so little time to spend with your friends. Duduk dgn Tengku Mahkota, the protocol was that we aren’t allowed to stand up to leave until he decides to balik himself. Selagi die tak bangun, kite pun takleh bangun. Jadinye kene la tunggu nearly an hour inside the room. During that time, my friends kept calling me asking where I was. Even my lecturers called sbb nak jumpa. But to no avail. I couldn’t. Ramai sangat org call sampai Mak tegur telling me to stop answering the calls. Tu je la yang ruginye. Sedih pun ade jugak.

The food was okey, moderate. The cruel words to say would be “I’ve tasted better hotel food”. Hehehe.. Teruk nye. Tengah2 makan tu, dalam hati asyik tanye je, bile lah Tuanku ni nak balik, cepat la cepat la. Then finally he stood up and wanted to leave. Kitorg pun semua bangun. He shook the hands of the Council members, the Dato’2 and Datin2. Then just as I thought he wanted to leave, he announced that he wanted to meet the parents of the award winners. Fuhh.. YaAllah, bestnye Chancellor kite ni. Sporting and so great.

So he came to the back to say Congrats to us personally. How great is that? Die pun datang, salam Ayah, salam Mak (terpaksa tu.. hehe) and the rest of three recipients punye parents and family. Dengan ayah, he stopped and berbual kejap. Walaupun tak sampai seminit pun, still. Bukan selalu. Hehehe..

Keluar je Tengku Mahkota, I was restless nak keluar jumpa my friends. Takut diorg dah balik and tak sempat ambik gambar. But tiba2 me, Mohd Nafis and Mazlan kene panggil sbb press nak jumpa and ambik gambar. Laaa.. ade lagi ke. Kitorg pun pegi la. Sesi ambik gambar with Dato’ Seri Dr. Ibrahim Saad. Penat senyum. Siap kene berlakon lagi. Hehe.. The picture in the paper tu waktu ni la. Berlakon semata-mata. Hehehe..

So finally, dah habis everything, I went out to seek my friends. Ambik la gambar, settle kan the official picture taking, etc, etc. and had a few laughs with my dear friends. Tercari-cari jugak Ju, rupanye die dah balik.. Lahai, hampa nye. Another thing that was so disappointing was I wasn’t able to take any pictures with my lecturers. Keluar2 je VVIP room, majority dah balik. Sedih nye. My sincere apologies, please forgive me =(

But this day would always be the day I shall remember for the rest of my life. It is considered one of the happiest (even though ade benda yang menyakitkan mata) days of my life. I will forever cherish it. =)

Even now I can still visualize it in my head. Thank you Allah for this Nikmah. Without You’re permission, I would never be able to experience it. Thank you.

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