Monday, July 11, 2011


Assalamualaikum WRT WBT

Although Im supposed to be finishing my presentation materials for my interview this Tuesday, but I just finished watching a video that makes me feel so ashamed and so sad. Which called me to write something about the big issue happening to our country today.

I am a Malaysian, but watching the events of our country for the past couple of weeks makes me feel so ashamed. What is happening to our beautiful Malaysia? A country that is supposed be proud to be a developing country that supports the ideology of democracy. Where is the democracy that we so often boast about to the world? WHERE?

Ya Allah, I just watched pictures and videos of the injustice brought upon our countrymen, our brothers and sisters of the same or different faiths. No matter who the they were, they are still proud Malaysians. Why do I call them true and proud Malaysians? Because they want to see change happen to this corrupted ideology of democracy practiced by the leaders of our country.

My opinion as a younger generation of this beloved country, the decision made by those responsible was the wrong move in a crucial chess game. The wrong move that led to terrible consequences. We can see the result today in the shift of mindset in my generation. Just read the FB statuses and blog posts. Opinions are voiced out, pages are created, and petitions are supported. We can see what the younger generation really think and feel about this situation.

In this internet-based society, we no longer rely on just a couple of sources. News and papers are no longer considered a reliable source of information. We get information from various sources, analyse them and determine which one holds the truth. And in this internet-based society, there is no such thing as limiting the truth. No more cover ups, no more lying to our faces. We are not stupid.

Looking at the reaction of the younger generation of the country, I predict that the full blown consequence of this weekend's event will be seen in the next general election.

What happened in our country this weekend has opened more minds than everyone predicted. This historical event was a moral victory to the cause. The injustice and brutal reaction by those who call themselves the authority became proof, opening the eyes of people who were indecisive before this.

No matter what action taken after this will not give any impact. It will not work. I predict 'harsh' actions, the firing of people, scholarships and loan withdrawals, etc2. Such actions will only make the people angrier. The demand for reform will be stronger and with more force. It was a move that led to checkmate. And you won't be able to change what is bound to come without cheating.

Those loans and scholarships are actually the tax payers money. The people's money.

Their only alternative is meet the people's demands, or lose where it really matters.

We've been condemning other countries such as Egypt and Libya whom have been oppressing their people for years. Restricting their moves and taking away their basic rights. We've been supporting their nation's quest for change. As a person who has a heart and supports human rights, we've been supporting them, we've been praying for them, and we celebrated when they were victorious. So where does it differ in our situation?

If we look at the situation closely, the cause the people of Malaysia were fighting for wasn't conceptually the same as those of Egypt and Libya. The cause was for a CLEAN election, so that we'll be able to have a fair election, the freedom to choose, the right to decide without any manipulation that will favor whichever side. THIS was the cause. But what made it become a full scale 'battle field' was the cover up by those who had something to hide.

All the people of Malaysia wanted was a show of solidarity, a show of support for fairness, for anti-corruption. Why is that so wrong?

All the people requested was for two short hours.

What I don't get is, how some people have the arrogance and the audacity to lie to our faces, and think they can get away with it.

It is our basic rights as Malaysian, as stated in the constitution to do demonstrations. Which is why we call ourselves a country of democracy. We are a people's country. We as the citizens of Malaysia have the right to state our minds and be against what does not benefit the people as a whole. We have the right to speak out! That is the concept of democracy. If this is untrue, then where on earth is the democracy? WHERE?

This is strictly my opinion. Those who do not agree with me also have the right to do so. We are all entitled to our own opinion. But I urge everyone to do a little research before speaking or writing. Make sure you have ur facts right. Read into our history and into both sides. Dont believe something without looking into it first. And DONT under any circumstances should you talk about something you have no knowledge about. Be matured about it. Talk with intellect, not with emotion.

Today, our country is slowly morphing. Malaysia is slowly being flooded with the new generation of intellectual minds. Children are growing up to be teenagers. Teenagers becoming young adults, so on and so forth. We, the younger generation have been growing throughout the phases of our country's political development. We've been watching from the sidelines for so long. We've seen how it's progressing, and how uglier its becoming day by day. Its harder to fool us. Don't take us for granted. We know when we are being lied to.

For the sake of our future, the future of our beloved country, please think before doing something.

I get so angry and frustrated at those who feel this is all a waste of time. We are talking about our future. Malaysia's future. Everyone should be concerned. We live in the same country, on the same land.

But I guess for some, they think this issue does not concern them. That they have more important things to think about such as going shopping at KLCC, or going to the spa -- plans which were put on hold due to this. Oh God, I pity them so much. Im so sad for them.

Ya Allah, no matter what we think is best for our beloved country, only You have the power to determine our future. We want a corrupt-free country, a country where we can live in peacefully. Please help us to achieve this. Break the spirits of those who are against You, make them feel fear of Your retribution. We pray they find the light and gain the nikmah of Your taufiq and hidayah. Without You Ya Allah, we are nothing.

Ameen Ya Rabb.

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