Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Home Alone

Ok, moving on..

Last Thursday, Mak, Ayah and Ahmad went off to Australia. So tinggal la kitorg bertigaa.. Well ok, since Aimi mmg duduk KL, its more of just me and Aida.

So we sent off Mak, Ayah and Ahmad at KLIA. Ahmad yang paling excited I think. Hehe.
Him with his kebab! *roll-eyes* Hahha..

Bertolak from kampung at 7 a.m., arrived at around 8. Since they oredi checked-in thru the web, we didnt have to go too early. Kalau tak, nenek suruh bertolak at 5 a.m. Ugh.

They went into the international terminal at around.. 8 something, coz Ayah wanted to buy a digital camera for Aliya at the terminal. Tak tahu la dpt ke tak.

After they went in, me and Aida terus pegi KL. Since we promised to meet Aimi for lunch that day, we terus went to MidValley. We were starving! Haha. But along the way, jam giler. I think we were stuck for about 2 hours baru sampai MidValley. Ugh. Apparently there were terrible flash floods. But still, it was tiring. Lalu jalan mane pun jam teruk jugak, so I decided to take the shortest route.

We finally arrived, and finally ate. I bet you can guess where we ate ey? :P We bungkus a meal for Aimi and terus went to her college to wait for her lunch break.

After Aimi ate her lunch in the car, Aida and I went back to MidValley to watch the ultimate hype story for the 2nd time *wink *wink *nudge *nudge -- if you know what I mean :P Hahha.

This time, I gave it an 8 star out of 10. The details are just awesome. I have to admit that there are parts which are too cheesy, and weird. But overall, it was awesome.

AGAIN.. you wont understand what I mean unless you read the book. GO READ la to really appreciate it.

On the way back to Melaka, it rained again.. which ofkoz lead to another few hours stuck in the jam. Ugh. I forgot how stressful it was living in KL and going thru that day after day.

Aida and I stayed in Melaka with nenek. Teman nenek la sbnrnye. Kalau ikut hati betul-betul, we'd both rather go back to JB. But kesian nenek. Tak kesahlah takde Internet for a week, and takleh nak buat keje for a week (coz I need internet to update and create stuff). Tak kesah la we spent most of our days either in front of the TV or sleeping our eyes off. Haha.

But seriously, I was starting to get restless. I dont do well with too much time. And being without Internet.. I felt I was being cut off from the world! Hahha.. Hey, Im not exaggerating ok.

And it doesnt help that nenek kept giving us things to eat. Haha. Ade je benda die masak and suruh kitorg makan. WanCu too. Hahhaha.. duduk sebulan ngan nenek, mau naik more than 5kg. Now.. imagine me staying with nenek for 6 years. And come on.. how can you say no to ur grandma? Kene jaga hati orang tua. THAT's what happened to me :P Hehehhehehhehehhehe..

On Sunday, Nenek, WanCu, Me, Aida and Cuncun (org gaji nenek) went to Bandar Melaka. Saje je nak jenjalan. Sepatutnya, WanCik pun ikut sekali, but her leg was giving her problems, she couldnt walk that much.

We went on the Melaka Water Cruise. Saje je. It was kinda alrite. Hehe.. Lalu the Melaka River.. yada yada yada.. had some fun.

Afterwards, we all pegi tido at a Hotel at Ayer Keroh. The best thing about that resort was the swimming pool. Hahha.. nasib baik ade.

Ive been to lots of hotels. Selalu coz Ayah ade keje and we all ikut. How I judge the standard of a hotel or a resort is from the food. And it wasnt that good. 3 out of 10. But the pool was great. Haha :P

Today, me and Aida finally came back home to JB. Since we'll only be staying a day and a half, kitorg beli lauk sikit je. Awal-awal pagi khamis dah kene balik kg balik to fetch nenek and terus pegi KL pulak. Friday pagi kene pegi KLIA to fetch Ayah, then terus balik Kelantan.

Just listing out the schedule is making me exhausted. Kelantan. I bet no 'work-time' either. I hope at least we'll go somewhere. But since its musim tengkujuh right now, I highly doubt it.

Anyway, I havent given Mak the list of things I'd like from Australia yet :P Hehehe. But its good to know that I can strike out one thing. Guess what I found at Jusco.. :D

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... Hehehhehehehehehhehehe.. how great is that?! AWESOME!!

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  1. wah wah! jelesnye awak dah tengok cite tu!! kite tak sempat2 lagi.. dah la nak ajak zayd die kata die belum tengok twilight.. so kena tengok twilight dulu.. tapi die belum tengok2 lagi!! geram! hahaha


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