Friday, July 07, 2006

New semester.. Here we all come..

Hmm.. another semester coming up. In a few days time, I'll be back in my daily routine, which wont really be routine anymore considering the new building and all. It will be a new experience, new time tables, new schedulles, new knowledge. I better prepare myself.

The new building is way cool. But I'm just dreading the management part of all of it. In my point of view, this new building (the interior I mean) is mainly to accomodate the staff. Meaning that, when the people incharge made plans for this building, I dont think they took into account the facilities for the students. Pdahalkan, its a UNIVERSITY for crying out loud! Their main purpose is to make the students comfortable to STUDY, not prioritize the staff.

The classrooms are way small. Tempat duduk tak best langsung. Tak selesa langsung. How do they expect us to LEARN in such an atmosphere. I just think that they should have thought about the students before anything else. The labs are small too. They shouldnt have taken too much space for silly things like "having lecturers on each floor". I know they have a good reson behind this, but come on laa. At least make the classrooms big. A waste of space in my opinion.

I can only complain. Hey, that's one of the reasons why I took up blogging. So I can nag constantly =P Maybe I'm just complaining coz I find myself wondering where the heck we're goona have our exams. Where?? Maybe the university is crazy enough to rent PWTC for it. I donno. They are crazy enough to do that sort of thing. I know.

Whatever. All I know is that the people up there just had their minds in making a comfortable atmosphere for their staff (and themselves of course), with absolutely no consideration about their main clients (the students) when planning for this new building.

Hmm.. what a waste.

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