Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The BEST news I've heard in ages!

I’ll begin this post with Alhamdulillah.. and of course YAHOOOO! Heheheh..
So sorry, I was just showing the immature side of me there =P

Sigh.. I’m just speechless right now. The reason? Read on and you’ll find out.

Today, as I was sitting in Ms Put’s office, a question popped into my mind. In my heart, I just needed to know if I got an award or not. Like I said, it’s so excruciating not knowing. So with an expressionless face, I asked her directly.

Finally I know =)

Let me explain a few things about the awards that will be given during the graduation. There will be three special awards, the Chancellor award, the University Council Award and the President Award.

The Chancellor Award will be given to the most outstanding graduate in academic achievements.

The University Council Award to the most active and committed graduate in Co-curriculum achievements,

And the President Award will be given to one graduate from EACH campus who is the best student. Meaning there will be more than one person.

Let me break the news.. gently.. I didn’t get the Chancellor Award. But I’m still smiling. Memang dah tak rezeki kat situ. However, I am to receive TWO of the other awards i.e The University Council award and the President Award!

Ya Allah.. Thank you. I don’t know what else to say. It’s an enormous blessing. After three years fighting the long battle, You reward me with something I don’t really deserve.

I asked You for one, but You bless me with TWO instead. Nothing can compare to how I feel at the moment, the feeling of pleasure and accomplishment, the feeling of being blessed and being loved.

Alhamdulillah.. My decision to further my studies after SPM doing something I like was worthwhile. I’ve always said that I’ve never regretted it, and receiving these two awards during graduation is proof of that statement. Ya Allah, I am forever grateful. You really did have a bigger plan for me.

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