Monday, April 30, 2012

Live in Reality

Assalamualaikum WRT WBT

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim,

It took me a long time deciding whether I should I write this post or not. But after a long deliberation, I decided I should. And that everyone has their right to their own opinion, therefore, it is not a crime. If freedom of speech is a crime, then we are living in a life where the word freedom isn't used where it should and the belief that we are 'free' is a big fat lie.

There have been so many reports of what happened yesterday. I've heard first hand experiences, second hand, seen pictures that were real, pictures that were fake, true account reports, and falsified ones, and ofkos the report the media wants us to believe.

It baffles me on how people are so quick to believe the media today. We've seen how other countries give falsified reports, we've seen how easy it is to manipulate words, to manipulate videos. We've seen how the west portrays Muslims as terrorists, how they don't really report on what REALLY happened, but show us what they want us to believe.

The reason why the majority of the world are not aware of what is really happening in places like Palestine, Egypt, Africa, Syria is because the news doesnt report it. Secret killings and brutal murders of our fellow Muslims are kept silent, it is kept under wraps because the big countries in power don't want us to know and react. They don't want Muslims to unite and take action.

The media in the west reports only on things that are important to them, that benefit them. Till today, the story on the inhumane killings in Syria is still non-existent. Their way of covering up is so well thought of.

To all those movie lovers, don't tell me that you have never watched conspiracy movies. You see how cover ups are done, you see how the innocent is portrayed as the guilty, you've seen how the innocent are punished for crimes they did not commit. You've seen how easy it is to control a situation where something peaceful is turned into chaos. You've seen this all in movies. How hard do you think it is in reality?

Those who rely 100% on what the media says is a fool. RESEARCH first. Get your facts right before condemning anyone.

It is today where we see how low we can really become when friends insult friends, where family condemn family and where brothers/sister of the SAME Aqidah have pride in violating each other with abusive words.

Today, we see who our friends are.
Today, we see how immature our nation really is
Today, we can separate the ignorant and the well-informed
Today, we really see who is concerned about the future of our country

You should be ashamed. Wake up and live in REALITY. Not what the media wants you to believe

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