Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Assalamualaikum WRT WBT,

Would you believe that I've had this new post tag opened since 11.30 this morning. Yet I keep having other things to do. Whenever I open back this page, I stare at it for at least a minute -- thinking about what I should write, but just as I'd want to start, I'll either get an sms, an email or a msg on FB. Fiuh, its been a busy morning and afternoon today.

Its only 2.20 and I feel like Ive been sitting in front of the computer for the whole day! And NO, it has nothing to do with Ramadhan. I just think that it's been really busy, and you tend to forget the time when sitting in front of the computer with tons of things to do.

Even so, alhamdulillah... I was able to settle a lot of things today. And since Im not planning to come to the 'office' (ceh, panggil office!) I mean lab tomorrow, I better settle the unfinished business. Why am I not going to 'work' tmrw? Hehehhe.. Nak kene gi renew my passport.

Im going to be extra extra extra busy till the end of the year. Ya Allah, just thinking about it makes me stressed out. I'll have to stay in Penang for two months -- research related. Again, scary! And again, I feel like time is moving so fast!

There wasnt really a specific topic I wanted to write about. I didnt have anything in mind. But I needed to write, thus explains all the rambling. Going on and on about nothing.

Ah yes, I just 'launched' a small business project. You can read about it in my previous blog. Alhamdulillah, the project is going smoothly takat ni. Lots of orders. Im hoping to venture out to the whole of Malaysia. THIS is why Ive been extra busy today. Fiuh!

Oklah, Ive run out of what to write that isnt specific. Hahha.


  1. wahh!! nak gi penang bile?? karang kalau kite balik umah mertua, boleh jumpa awak and bawak jalan2 penang! hehehe

  2. cehh those 2 pictures in this post is my work every single day


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