Thursday, April 09, 2009

My Climb

Assalamualaikum, Hi everyone.

I didnt have anything to do yesterday. Ok, scratch that -- I do have things to do, but I wasnt in the mood, so I decided to do this. Its actually a very very brief compilation of my life till where I am today. I couldnt find some pictures I wanted, but nevermind. Please enjoy =)

We have to always reminds ourselves that Allah Taala does not reward us for our results. He rewards us for the effort we put into to achieve something. So what that guy dpt soalan bocor. So what the lecturers gave that class free marks. So what you arent like others who can quickly understand what the teacher is saying. So what?

No matter how hard ur journey is, remember.. the harder it gets, the more pahala Allah wants to grant you. So my brothers and sisters, never give up. You will get there in the end.

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