Sunday, January 16, 2005

The things I miss most

There are times when I wish I had an excuse to go back to KL and see my friends. Ever had the feeling that ur life is incomplete? The feeling of loneliness and wishing u had friends to talk to? Well, that's how I'm feeling at the moment. All my friends are in KL, all the poeple who I talked to are so far away that I feeling I'm so full of emotion I'm afraid I'll burst. Its sad that my phone doesnt ring anymore. Even if it does, they're only either mak or ayah. The only people I get to talk to here is Aimi. But even so, she doesnt understand what I mean most of the time. I dont have real people to talk to. Its so sad that I pity myself for feeling this way. I'm on the verge of tears everytime I think about it.

What I miss most at the moment:
  1. I miss the way I spend the day with my friends, waiting at the cafeteria eating bfast together, then going to class together. I miss meeting back for lunch at Medan MARA.
  2. I miss laughing along with the stupid jokes we share, the long conversations, the excitement of listening and sharing the tough days as well.
  3. I miss being able to let my emotions out and having someone to listen to me opening my heart out. I miss being able to cry together.
  4. I miss being able to walk into Ms Put's room and just hanging out with her. I miss her jokes, her advice, her laugh and her smile (I'll tell u about Ms Put one day).
  5. I miss being able to walk on the RG floor and people who say hi when I pass by. I miss bumping into lecturers and smiling. They always have something to say to me.
  6. I miss talking to the IIM staff, Abg Zul, Kak Yati, Kak Zan, En Kasman, Abg Fizy.. they've always been so nice to me. It's a blessing to have known them.
  7. I miss having a laugh with my class mates. Even though most of the boys are annoying, they still have a place in my heart.
  8. I miss talking to the juniours, bumping into them, being their mentor, laughing together, giving advices.
  9. I miss attending class, having the pleasure of gaining knowledge. I miss answering questions and receiving smiles from the lecturers accompanied with a look of gratitude coz I volenteered to answer.
  10. I miss the love and the smiles. I miss the smells and the atmosphere. I miss everyone.

All my friends: Ju, Fad, Ocha, Abg MeL, Zaim, Alan, Alif, Kak ayu, Bomba, Syed, Tommy, Kak Mazni, Kak Lyd, Diana, Pejol, Bulat, Gaban, Jawa, Lili, Amir, Kakaput, Kakdilla, GD, KakLin, Knot, Qasha, Rocky, and all the others.. I cant list down everyone.

My adik2 juniours: Mirul, Kirin, Ewan, Megat, Ejat, Nuar, Aliyah, Fai, Apis, Semut, SJ.. Good luck in your coming studies. Akak dah tak dpt nak jaga korang dah, elok2 jaga diri.

My beloved lecturers: Ms Put, Ms Adott, Ms Tatty, Pn Lily, Ms Gibb, Ms Jan, Pn Zalizah, Pn Su, Ms Shima, Ms Jann, Pn Yati, Pn Ros, Pn Faridah, Sir Azmin, Sir Nizam, En Helmi, Ust Sazali, Ust Aziz, Ms Idd, and every lecturer who has ever taught me.. I miss u guys. Please dont ever forget me.

To all the others, some may hate me, some may like me, some have hurt my feelings, some others have been hurt by me. Those are the people who have taken me thru the journey in KL. Thank you.

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