Monday, January 17, 2005

Ms Put and I ..

Since we’re talking about the things I miss most, I’d love to talk about the lecturer I miss most. Her name is Ms Put, short for Ms Puteri Zalina Addnan, the Student Affairs Manager at UNIKL IIM. Since being a member of MPP, I’ve been given the chance of knowing a whole lot of wonderful individuals and one of them is of course my favorite lecturer and friend Ms Put.

I used to go to her place just to see a smiling face and having some peace of mind. She has this power of lighting up your day just by talking to her. Every time I go to the RG floor, I’ll always look into her room to see if she’s there. Yes, I do go see her for all the MPP matters, but when I have some free time in my hands like in between classes, I find the opportunity to go and see her.

I miss the talks we have about the MPP’s, the students and the problems that arise. I miss listening to her experience and advice. There are days when u feel bad about urself.. to gain back my self-esteem, I always talk to her. Its nice to have someone support you and encourage you. I’ve even asked her to lift up my motivation once. She does wonders with just a few words. When the work load is too much or my stress level is on the verge of bursting, I go to her to let them all out. She always gives me a hug when I cry.

One of the things I miss most is having dinner with her, Kakaput and Mama. When I don’t feel like going back home, I eat my dinner with them talking and joking along the way. The whole family has such a caring nature.

Ms, I miss you. This post is written because I’m on the brink of breaking down. Life does that to you sometimes and I have no one to talk to. There are days when u feel people have forgotten your existence, you feel that ur friends have abandoned you. I know they’re still there, they’re just busy with work as I am. But you just can’t forget that empty feeling. You also feel that people hate you, that’s why they forget about you.

This is silly, I know. Its probably my emotions going wild. But still.. I just miss everyone.

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